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Who owns Zoom Production! Harmonize, Diamond Platnumz or Wasafi Records?

One of the hardest fans’ dilemmas that has emerged between Bongo stars Diamond Platnumz and Harmonize alias Kondeboy amid their breakup is how Zoom Production will be managed.

Anytime a house breaks, for instance, a marriage, there is always both negative and positive outcome. In this case, Wasafi Classic Baby, popularly known as WCB Wasafi, is somehow facing breakup outcomes with one of its first signees,  Harmonize, already on his way out.

This was confirmed by one of the managers at the record label, Salam SK, who on Wednesday revealed Kondeboy has already submitted his quit letter.

What was raising questions among WCB fans is how they were going to run the label, specifically Zoom Production, after Harmonize’s exit.

Remember Zoom Production under director Kenny has been shooting all WCB videos. Before it, WCB were shooting their videos with different productions including South Africa based Godfather Production who did Diamond’s ‘Nana and Mdogo mdogo’ videos among others. Godfather then did Harmonize’s ‘Aiyola and Bado’ videos.

After the rise of Zoom Production, they took control of all WCB projects until most fans thought WCB Records owned the production

Reality is, Zoom Production is co-owned by both Harmonize and Diamond Platnumz, and it is not WCB Records project.

Manager SK Salam said that even after Harmonize’s exit from WCB, he remains to be the co-owner of Zoom Production with Diamond Platnumz and they will run it as they used before.

“Zoom production is not one of WCB’s assets, the company was started by both Harmonize and Diamond Platnumz (Zoom Production in kampuni ambayo imetengenezwa na Diamond na Harmonize, ushapata jibu kuwa haipo kwenye Wasafi), Salam opened up in a video shared on YouTube on Wednesday.

Salam added that there is no enmity between Diamond and Harmonize, which could affect their Zoom Production company. He said that Harmonize is only looking for a new challenge away from WCB.


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