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Kenyan Musician Teezeh Releases “AJE”.

Song – Aje
Artist – Teezeh
Album – Son Of Oyugis 1
Label – Oyugis Only Enterprise
Production – ATL Entertainment

OYGO releases ‘Aje’, Teezeh’s second single off his debut album Son Of Oyugis, which is to be released on 20th December 2019.

In his own words the singer said, “If you listen to Aje, the picture the song gives you is like a mirror of what’s trending in the society, there’s so much irony in the day to day happenings from Politics, Entertainment, Youths Morals and
Religion, therefore don’t take it so serious, just vibe to the lyrics and let’s have fun”.

Written by Teezeh and Co – written by Gabiro Mtu Necessary. Aje follows ‘Facilitate’ the first song off the Son Of Oyugis 1 Album, released 1 month ago.

The cover art for AJE was made by Jodifa Enterprises.

Release Date 24th November 2019.

Find Teezeh on Social Media

Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC46vZxc9dISfLGx_YaghiIg



Instagram https://www.instagram.com/teezeh/

Email [email protected]


Watch video Lyrics here:


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