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Dressing For The Harmattan Season

It is the season again, characterized by cold, dust, dryness, extremely hot and harsh weather. The season that we all dread and wish it will just go away. During the harmattan period, it can get hard dressing appropriately because it’s cold in the morning and can get extremely hot during the day. Apart from this, harmattan poses a risk to our skin if it is not well protected from the harsh weather. You will have to ditch those clothes that will expose your skin, to prevent it from cracking or drying out. You can be all covered and still look fashionable. Follow these simple tips and know the right outfits for this season.

  1. Long Sleeves clothes:These are suitable for this season as they cover your arms and also they prevent direct contact with the dry air. Because of the fluctuating nature of the weather invest in Jackets, blazers, and cardigan so even if the weather does get hot, you can take them off. To pull this off, it is advisable to wear a decent top or shirt underneath the jacket or cardigan.
  2. Below the knee dresses and skirts:The longer the dress and the skirt the better for this season. They help protect your legs and prevent them from being exposed to the harsh weather and turning white like you just came out from the site. Trust you don’t want all eyes to be on you ladies? So make sure you use the right cream and wear the right length of skirt or dress.
  1. Thick fabrics:If you think wearing linen material or lighter fabric is good for this season, then try. You will be shocked when you get frozen the moment you step out of your door. Opt for clothes that have fabrics thick enough to protect you from the cold. These include wool, pure cotton, velvet etc.
  2. Head wear:One of the recent trends in fashion is the head wear, it comes in various shapes and colours, and apart from its sassiness, it can help prevent dust from getting into your scalp or your hair. You can decide to use a beautiful head scarf, faze cap, or go for the new velvet material being used to tie turban, the Fedora which looks like the chic version of the cowboy hat, and even head warmer woven with thread. You can still look fashionable and even rock them to the office.
  1. Put off wearing slippers and sandals for a while:This is the best time to avoid sandals and slippers when outing, and adopt wearing shoes to cover up your feet and prevent them from looking dry and broken. Shoes act as a protector and would also make you look good. Absolute black and white foot wears are not fashionable, they would easily get dusty when exposed to dust and wind. Brown and grey foot wears are quite fashionable and can easily adapt to any season.
  1. Don’t forget to pick up those sun shades:Lots of people are not used to wearing sun shades during this season, they are in fact more worried about the cold than their eyes. You have to worry about the both because from the cold, comes the wind and the wind also carries dust particles along with it at quiet an intense velocity. Pick up some fancy glasses, look good and protect your eyes.


Enjoy the season, get covered and still look fashionable.

Source: TOZALI

Culled By Vivieanne Danielle


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