Harmattan is a cold and dry season which is typically known to start in December and can be uncomfortable without helpful tips.

With some people being happy to have harmattan arrive as it is a sign that Christmas is just around the corner others are groaning as with the arrival of harmattan brings discomfort.

But with a few helpful tips that we have provided, this harmattan season does not have to dreaded.


1. Wear clothes that covers most of your skin

With the weather cold and dry in harmattan it is best to wear clothes that cover most of your skin as the dryness can cause irritation of skin and also in some severe cases people have been found to have allergies to the dust.

2. Use moisturizers

To avoid cracked lips or foot soles, apply moisturizers on your skin as this will reduce the dryness.

Vaseline is useful in moments like this as you do not have to worry about your skin cracking and turning white. Also, lip balms can be used from time to time to prevent cracked lips.

3. Drink lots of water

While you are paying attention to your skin and outward appearance during this weather change, you should also worry about what goes on inside your body.

Drink lots of water to reduce dehydration and enhance metabolism. While the weather is windy and dry, the intensity of the sun during the day can make you get tired and dehydrated.

4. Wear protective shades

You will need some protective shades to protect your eyes from the wind. You can prevent sand particles from getting into your eyes if you wear your shades always.

5. Avoid drinking carbonated soft drinks

During harmattan as much as you want to stay hydrated and soft drinks look extremely appealing, it is best to drink water. Carbonated soft drinks will leave your skin dehydrated.