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Would The World Ever Be The Same Again?

The fear is real. The panic is real. The confusion is real. The isolations are real and the deaths are also real.

Never in my entire three decades here on earth,have I experienced a crisis situation so global like a deadly virus known as corona virus.a.k.a COVID-19.

We have witnessed the HIV/AIDS,Ebola etc
In the not too distance memory.But a novel virus like COVID-19 to cause so much kerfuffle in the whole wide world within this short space of time,is unprecedented and perplexing.

Families have been separated,loved ones have been lost,powerful leaders have suddenly become clueless.Kings and Queens have lost the grandeur and forgotten about their subjects and mothers have become scaremongers.

Locks downs and mass burials have become the order of the day because,the medical fraternity are slowly losing it themselves.They suffer from stress and fatigue to eventual death.

Nobody knows what happens next. From the wealthiest of men to the least pauper,no one is immune from the devastating effect of this global novel virus.
This novel virus have been described by people in authority as a ‘Third World War’.(WWIII), which is been fought without guns and weapons of mass destruction which to a greater degree,I agreed.

As I write this piece, a lockdown is been enforced and I must admit that, i’m actually beginning to appreciate freedom of movement the more. But my main concern has to do with those on the bottom of the economic ladder.

In a third world country like Ghana,where average minimum wage is below $3,most often than not,these less privileged people,have to work everyday to be able to survive. In effect,the pandemic has rendered them more poorer and almost at their Wit’s end.

Finally, to the men of the robe and to the religious world,we can only pray and call on our God who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we could ask or think, to come to our rescue and to alleviate this pandemic from the world.


Story By: Nii Pardie (Freelancer)


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