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Girls Can Lead: Fawzia Karim urges young female entrepreneurs not to give up on their passion.

Ghanaian female entrepreneur, Fawzia karim has urged female entrepreneurs in Ghana not to give up on their passion despite the frustrations and how long it takes to breakthrough especially in a trembling economic environment we have here in Ghana and other part of Africa

She said some female entrepreneurs are determined but easily gives up when the reality start striking. She cited numerous instances where she lost some investments including 300 acres of rice farm to bad weather but never gave up.

The Chief Executive Officer of Snaziab Group of companies also mentioned that females should be giving a fair playing field just like their male counterparts to be able to deliver because there many of them currently performing exceptionally well in their various field including health, commerce, industry etc.

Fawzia karim was addressing Girls Can Lead Webinar dubbed “Africa needs her” where other panels Dzifa grey, Richmond Anim Damoah, Ewura Adams Karim, Vanessa Garcia Polanco shared their experiences and what should be the forward for the new generation of females in business.

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Thanks to the leadership of 'Girls Can Lead' for this noble initiative to empower the new generation of Girls aspiring for a greater heights. Glory be to God for the free gift of life and his plan for our lives. My journey as a female entrepreneur did not come by chance but something I grew up with. Growing up as a girl child, I always had a mental picture of how i want things to be in the next 30-50 years and forever. With that picture in mind, I developed some basic principles to safeguard that journey which is yielding results and becoming a bigger empire by day. By the grace of God, I have many companies and investments out there. It is the first step along the line, govern your life with principles. For instance; Besides the morals impacted in me by my parents and society in general, I always had a limit on where to go, what to say and do because wrong associations may leave you confused and influenced negatively. Education and perseverance: Whatever you are interested in, please learn more about it. Read extensively, research and ask questions. Nobody is born a perfectionist but you have to set your own standards. Falling and getting back on your feet are also part of the journey. It's like climbing a mountain – there are hills and valleys and you have ascend and descend – They make you stronger, don't let them break you! Be a good team player: Leadership is a calling that requires your dedication and ability to appreciate other people's contribution. I also see myself as a team player – there's always a shared responsibility among my team members that requires my support so they can deliver well.In doing this, I'm also raising the next generation of future leaders. I have many people that accounts to me as a leader – It should be the ultimate dream of every leader to raise new leaders at the end of the day. Be a different Girl There are many who believes when females assume leadership roles, they frustrate their followers with bad attitudes. There are many contributing factors but as a generation calling for change and women participation in top decision making, I'll urge us all to be good … #Leadership #HajjFawzie #Girlpower

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