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UNYA-GH Calls For Peace In The Volta Region.

The UNITED NATIONS YOUTH ASSOCIATION (UNYA-GH) NATIONAL YOUTH SECURITY AND VOLTA YOUTH REGIONAL MINISTERS have been brought to notice of the unrest currently making waves in some parts of the Volta and Oti region concerning the separation of the Western Togoland from Ghana as an independent state on its own.

Western Togo Land (WTL) ‘Independence’ and Road Blockades.

It is very important that, the good people of the Volta Region are peace loving people and for that matter the people of the Volta Region and Ghana treat today’s blockades on major roads leading to the region and the call for Western Togoland independence with extreme caution and suspicion.

By national security structures and protocols, what happened today could not have happened without the prior knowledge of government, national intelligence (BNI), military intelligence etc.

Today’s episode was well calculated and planned. It started with hoisting of flags at strategic locations without any response from government, police, or the relevant security institutions. The national security structure by its arrangement and design could not have been deaf, dumb, and blind to the road blockades that took place today at various major roads leading to the Volta Region. It is just not possible that, no intelligence was gathered on today’s activities.

Today’s activity was not and never spontaneous. Spontaneous activities do not arise from coordination. Such activities arise from chaotic events or sudden jerks. But today’s road blockades were well planned, coordinated, and executed. This takes more than just a day as it requires mobilisation of human resources, logistics, geographical mappings, and daily communications.

We condemned today’s action by the group on the Police personnels .

In furtherance, the persons used for today’s road blockades are not persons of trained background but rather, a people that were gathered to provoke, set up, and tactically withdraw when military responds. And that was what happened.

Our concerns however are, if government, political appointee(s), or a political party is complicit in today’s road blockades under the guise of Western Togo Land Independence, with an ulterior motive of a political gain should put a stop to it with immediate effect for the Youth and the good people of the Volta Region and Ghana as a whole want and need Peace before, during and after election.

From history, Volta region by nature and character, has never been a hotspot for or of violence.

As it stands, reports tell us that some police stations have been locked down, and a stand-off with police and military personnel has been waged by the secessionists of this inimical agenda.

Roads from Accra – Ho – Aveyime – Adidome – Mepe – Akuse – Sogakope – Aflao in an attempt to make their stance heard have been blocked with heaps of sand, burning tires bringing causing hefty traffic, the Ghana Police informs. Certain personnel of security agencies; i.e. Ghana Police service have also been kidnapped and are being used as leverage to demonstrate the power that they claim to possess.

All these come from continuous efforts by some people who have decided by their intuition not to go by the necessary and needed laws to achieve the aim that they see for themselves, but through all means inhumanely possible take matters into their own hands to do what they do.

Our stance is very clear and thus want to make this known to the general public that the United Nations frowns greatly upon this which is a threat to the stability of the democracy that we have long fought for and have defended with all that is within us from the inception of the democratic rule as a state. This goes against every bit of investment that has been made, not only in Ghana but the United Nations at large to sustain and promote peace in all its member regions countries respectively.

We, therefore, call on these secessionists to bring to a halt all these untoward actions that are causing public unrest as the repercussions of these acts are something that we are not ready to entertain as a nation. Let us all be mindful, that the General election is just around the corner, and as such this doesn’t spread a good omen for the future of the nation.

We wouldn’t want to very much concede that these have resulted as a political ploy to bring about unrest to favour the political interest of whoever may be involved in this as have been reported by some bloggers and news avenues. We want all to know and to note, that the nation comes first before any other person or interest they pursue thereafter. If it is that this has any political basis which we are hoping it doesn’t, then let’s all be advised that the interest of the nation, as well as the lives of the people involved, is not at heart to this person.
We then would want to admonish that these secessionists channel their concerns through the right channels, which in this case is the Regional House of Chiefs, to be channelled through the right chain of command so their concerns can be addressed and therefore call to end riots and also the release of the said personnel who have been taken against their wish.

As a nation, let us all not replicate these acts and learn very much to always go through the right channels to get issues or concerns addressed. It is for reasons such as these that institutions and systems have been put in place. The aim has always been to promote peace and this is not the time to revert on that decision, but to go on and fight the good fight to ensure Peace and Stability.

Let us all in preparation toward the December general elections, bear in mind that the country comes first and not our political affiliations and their interests thereof. Let us continue to stand for the land our forefathers secured for us with their blood so we could have to ourselves the lives that we have today.

Long live Ghana, Long live the United Nations, and may God bless us all.


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