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Vanilla Karr drops official video for “Here for you” – Watch here.

Equatorial Guinea’s Afrobeats sensation, Vanilla Karr has teamed up with Ghanaian Awards-winning video director, Ebenezer Xbills for her new music video. Officially released on the 10th October, 2020 via YouTube.com/VanillaKarr, the video is to complement her new single; “Here for you” released days upon return from her long musical break. …

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UNYA-GH Calls For Peace In The Volta Region.

The UNITED NATIONS YOUTH ASSOCIATION (UNYA-GH) NATIONAL YOUTH SECURITY AND VOLTA YOUTH REGIONAL MINISTERS have been brought to notice of the unrest currently making waves in some parts of the Volta and Oti region concerning the separation of the Western Togoland from Ghana as an independent state on its own. …

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Creatives call on general public to shun corruption.

A group of concerned Ghanaian creatives have embarked on a campaign to call on the general public to shun acts of bribery and corruption and also name and shame any one involved in such acts. The group in an interview said that “In Ghana, bribery and corruption have become a …

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The Thin Line Between Child Abuse And Discipline In Africa.

Being an educator, I am aware of the value of children and young people growing up in safe and congenial environments which are fundamental requirements necessary for their physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological development. It is imperative that children are protected from abusive situations and environments which have the potential …

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The Bane of Ghana’s Educational And Leadership Crisis.

“What is Osmosis?” My science teacher asked. “Osmosis is the movement of molecules through a semipermeable membrane into a region of higher solute concentrates.” I remember raising my hand and answering this question to a rapturous round of applause from classmates. It was a good feeling. I felt smart. My …

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