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Netflix Is Deactivating Accounts That Haven’t Been Accessed for a Year, So Credit Cards Aren’t Charged Unfairly

Netflix has announced that it will begin alerting inactive subscribers and, unless these individuals indicate that they’d like to continue paying for the service, automatically canceling their subscriptions. Today’s leading premium video-streaming platform revealed the surprising move in an update issued this weekend. Via emails and in-app notices, Netflix is asking “everyone who has …

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US targets Huawei with tighter chip export rules

The US has announced new export controls aimed at limiting Chinese technology giant Huawei’s access to semiconductor technology. The new rule bars semiconductor-makers that use US technology and software in chip design from shipping to Huawei without US government permission. It is the latest US action to target Huawei, which …

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iPhone SE may be small, but it signals the end of Apple’s tiny phone era

Four years after launching the original, Apple announced its new iPhone SE in April. I imagine that smaller-phone fans collectively jumped for joy upon hearing the news. The iPhone SE, which looks like an iPhone 8 but features the iPhone 11‘s powerful A13 chipset, uses a 4.7-inch display. Apple claims that it’s a “small” phone. And it is the smallest (and …

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Instagram Details of Thousands of Users Leaked

A social media booting service called Social Captain, that helps users grow their Instagram follower counts, has leaked thousands of Instagram usernames and passwords for potential hackers. According to a TechCrunch report, Social Captain stored passwords of linked Instagram accounts in unencrypted plaintext.A website vulnerability allowed anyone access to any …

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